nov 1, 1940 - Niutek's story


The Germans bombed Niuteks home city of Warsaw, Poland. So Niuteks dad, Leon, made the family flee to the town of Kovel in eastern Poland. Lean heard that the Germans were not treating the Jews as bad he thought, so Niuteks family moved back to their city. But the Russians weren't letting anyone cross the border, so Leon hired a guide to sneak his family into a German controlled section of Poland. They were all caught trying to cross the border, and they got thrown into jail for 2 days. When the Frajmans arrived back home, they were happy that their apartment building had not been wrecked by the bombing but their apartment had been plundered of its furniture and possessions. When Niutek went back to school to hang out with his friends, they would beat him up and call him "Jew boy." Later Niutek stopped attending school. In fall of 1940 the Frajman family was forced to move into a German controlled ghetto. The apartments in the ghetto were so jammed that each little room became a living space for up to 7 people. Those who held jobs were the only ones who could get ration cards. The Nazis limited the food so that it was not enough for the Germans to survive. Niutek unloaded trucks carrying food, so he would occasionally steel a carrot or potato for his family. Niutek would leave the ghetto, even though it was illegal, so that he could find food for his family. Niutek would go to work everyday wondering if he would return alive that evening. The Germans began forcing 6000 to 7000 Jews to leave the ghetto and go to Treblinka, a slave labor camp. Niutek was caught in a group of workers who were going to be deported to Treblinka. The Nazis held these men in a locked room on the fifth floor of a building which was next to the warehouse that Niutek had worked at. One man came up with an idea to use a wood plank that was in the room, and put it out the window and into the window of the next building, so that it would form a bridge. The man turned to Niutek and told him to walk across first because he wa the smallest. Niutek started to walk across and hoped that no one would look up and see him, but someone did. He was spotted by a Polish police, and the police began shooting at him. Niutek made it across and hid in the room he entered in. Niutek eventually left his hiding spot and started working in another factory in the ghetto. Germans came one day and shot up the ghetto, but Niutek, Hela, and Renia hid behind a false wall. The Frajman got stuffed in cattle cars, and after 3 days they arrived in Lublin. Niutek was separated from his sister and mom and never got to see them again. Everyday the inmates were woken at 3:30 a.m. for breakfast, then they were sent to work. Niutek wanted to leave, so when the next boxcar came he pushed his way into the boxcar. Niutek got sick and contracted typhus in the new camp. A man named David took Niutek out of the infery and hid him in a pile of wood shaving so that he wouldn't die. David and Niutek formed a special bond in the camp. Niutek learned that his sister and mom had been killed in the gas chambers. Niutek arrived in Schienen but then was deported because the Red Army had gained ground. Niutek marched from town to town and was forced to dig anti tank ditches. One night the prisoners were put in a school house, but when they woke up the guards were gone. And later that morning Polish and Russian officers told the prisoners that the camp has been liberated. Niutek asked a officer what day it was because he wanted to make it his second birthday because that day was the day when he started a new life.

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nov 1, 1940
~ 78 years ago
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