jan 1, 1046 BC - Beginning of Zhou Dynasty


The west part of Zhou was the first part that ruled over China nominally. When the dynasty got bigger it expanded more east where then they overthrew the shang dynasty. The Zhou then created secondary states with the help of the yellow river plain and that created their dominance over the whole empire. The founders brother was the one who made the consolidation successful. The Zhou had enemies but they were not chinese they were tribes those tribes were huai and the nomads and they ended up forcing the Zhou to flee to the east. Soon after the Zhou created laws and regulations and was then seen as a government.
The king or the emperor was the most powerful man of the dynasty. He was followed by the others members of the royal blood. And after came the nobles and the lesser classes.
The zhou dynasty had ruled over china until 256 B.C.E. During china had created a feudal system that also took part in the future dynasties.

Zhou was separated into two the east zhou and the west zhou most people went to the east zhou because that was the safest part. Zhou was the longest dynasty to ever rule. The dynasty created figure like confucius, mencius, and mozi they were all alive in the east zhou period and they shaped the civilization of china then and today.
The two major religions Zhou dynasty practiced were Confucianism and Taoism. Confucianism had impacted china in its government and culture and also affected future dynasties how ever taoism was the practice on yin and yang and that was introduced later on.
The Zhou had created jars and the design were more complicated than the early/older ones because these one were sacrificial bronze jars. People learned to read and write later on and wrote on the jars and the jars had scrips of there life and for their ancestors.the jars were in shapes of animal and creatures that could fly like different types of birds.

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jan 1, 1046 BC
~ 3066 years ago
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