aug 14, 2018 - The TIME of the Gentiles "FULLNESS"


I quote the following. May be the real deal or again, a harbinger.>

The Numbers in his word. The One Week is 2520, Not one day More or Less, That's 7 Years X 360 days = 2520. The Numbers in Rev. 11:3 1260 days , the Numbers in Rev. 11:2 = 42 Gentile Months which = 1281 Days, (Their is a Reason why it is Written 1260 in Rev.11:3 and 42 Months in Rev. 11:2!) the Numbers in Dan. 12:11 1290 days, and the Day that the Abomination is "SET UP"! The Abomination is the Goutiness, which from Jan.1, 2022 (Which Fulfills Matt. 24:20) will start removing the Heads of any one who does not take the Mark of the Beast , and From that very day for the Next 45 days WORLD WIDE , People will either Take the Chip, or Have their Head Removed. The number in Dan. 12:12 the 1335 day "THE BLESSED DAY" The Lord Jesus, Returns that Very day!~ this Identifies with Ester saving the Whole Hebrew Race Once Before, and that day is Feb. 15th 2022 PURIM KATAN! If you count Backward from Feb. 15, 2022 By 42 Months (which would be the TIME of the Gentiles "FULLNESS" coming in, it Brings you to Aug. 14th 2018....That Represents the Very First day of Counting of the Gentiles, and they will Tread the Holy City of Jerusalem until the Time of Fullness, is Complete! It will end at Christ return with his Bride, on Purim Katan! The Time Line Reveals JULY 21, as the Start of the Joel 2:23 OUT pouring of Both the Former rain (Holy Spirit) and the Latter Rain, UPON ALL FLESH! The Church of Philadelphia, will Be Transformed in the Next few days!!!!! The start of the Spiritual Wheat Harvest Will Happen on July 21. Count 50 days for this Time of Harvest and you Land on Rosh Hashanah Sept. 9 sundown i.e. Tishrei one, and the First Trumpet of the Judgment, as the Voice of the Bridegroom and the Bride will be Removed from this Earth , and Not Heard again till Christ Jesus, Returns with his Bride Feb. 15, PURIM KATAN, 2022!

This can be found in the comments section of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN2buBtVWBc&t=2s

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aug 14, 2018
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