jan 26, 518 - Pythagoras Born 570 BC - Died 500–490 BC


Little is known about which of the accomplishments most commonly associated with Pythagoras were actually his own discoveries or the discoveries of his followers. For example his name is most commonly associated with the Pythagorean Theorem for calculating the sides of right triangles, however, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica this equation was “probably developed only later by the Pythagorean school” (Britannica). It is known, however, that Pythagoras was a major contributor to science and math as we know it today. He was known to set up many schools which inspired a deeper connection with the universe through mathematics, The schools that he set up were very religious in nature but taught some basic truths that we now take for granted and that we have found evident in our current understanding of the universe as we know it. One of the majorly influential philosophies that he taught is “that at its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature” (Huffman). Any scientist wishing to understand their field of study will ultimately come to the conclusion that the laws of science and the universe are at their base levels mathematical in nature. His work has gone on to inspire generations and was even a major influence behind some of Plato’s and Aristotle’s ideas (Pythagoras of Samos). Although his history is convoluted, it is known that Pythagoras’ philosophies were critical for humanities developing understanding of science and the universe.


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