4 Mai 1853 Jahr - In 1853 Prof. Rogers esigned his professorship at Charlottesville, moved to Boston


to Boston. Here, although he early identified himself with the
educational and public interests of the community, he did not
relax his devotion to scientific labours, which were now, how-
ever, more largely directed to the department of experimental
physics. Among his contributions to physics at this period
may be mentioned a series of papers On Binocular Vision,
giving an Elaborate Analysis of the Phenomena, with some
Important Additions to the Researches on this Subject of
Wheatstone and Brewster ; Experiments on Sonorous Flames,
in which he described an apparatus for making visible the
vibrations by rotating the flame; and On the Formation of
Rings of Air and Liquids — all of which may be found in
Silliman's Journal (1855-1860).

He also published, in the New Edinburgh Philosophical
Journal, the results of continued observations on atmospheric
ozone, and on the auroras of August and September, 1859
and i860. As a member of the American Academy of Arts
and Sciences, and of the Boston Society of Natural History,
Prof. Rogers took an active part in the discussions of the
various scientific questions then rising into importance, and
made contributions from time to time to their published pro-
ceedings. Among the communications to the American Acad-
emy we may note papers On the Protozoic Age of Certain
Rocks in Eastern Massachusetts; On the Actinism of the
Electric Discharge in Vacuum Tubes, of which he exhibited
numerous photographs, in connection with his paper on the im-
provements, by Mr. E. S. Ritchie, of the Ruhmkorff apparatus ;
and Experiments disproving, by the Binocular Combination'
of Visual Spectra, Brewster's Theory of Successive Combina-
tion of Corresponding Points.

In the Transactions of the Boston Society of Natural His-
tory appeared, among other articles by Prof. Rogers, commu-
nications On the Growth of Stalactites ; Geological Relations
of the New Red Sandstone of the Middle States to the Coal-
Rocks of Eastern Virginia and North Carolina ; On the Origin
and Accumulation of the Protocarbonate of Iron in Coal Meas-
ures; On -the Natural Coke and Associated Igneous Rocks
of Eastern Virginia ; and On Pebbles in the Newport Conglom-

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6 Mon. zuvor
Bartram Barton


4 Mai 1853 Jahr
~ 165 years ago
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