18 Okt 1985 Jahr - The NES


The Nintendo Entertainment System is an 8-bit home video game console. originally plan to be a personal computer like the Commodore 64 or the Spectrum. However, this one of only been targeted a technophiles and would not be a family game like the NES (at that point famicom) was being designed to be like. The system was released in japan and was set to be released in north America but due to complications with Atari and Coleco it took 2 years for its release in other regions and after a redesign and a new "zero insertion force" cartridge slot" ands was released to test markets in north America and 18 of October 1985 but was released worldwide in September 1986 as the NES. The PowerGlove was one of the first forms of virtual reality that Nintendo attempted. However, due to it not being too precise and difficult to use controls it popularity was very low and it got criticized for it. The PowerGlove had two games that It was made to be played with that was sold with out the PowerGlove. The zapper was a gun accessory that depends on the game, the gun and the type of TV the user is using the Zapper can be used on games that supported it like Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman. the zapper uses light direction meaning when the player pulls the trigger the screen goes black for a split second except from any targets that turn into white squares, the zapper detects if it is or isn't pointing at the light hence why some people called it the light gun. The Miracle Piano had one game that was like a piano teaching game. there's standard lesions and then there's minigames. The PowerPad, was like a primitive Dance Dance Revolution. The power pad is laid on the floor, like the game twister, and has 12 numbered circles, 6 blue and 6 red. each is a button and will effect the game depending an what the player is playing. Game that support this is World Class Track Meet and let the player race, jump hurdles, triple jump and even the long jump, a bit like the Wii Fit. The SpeedBoard was a piece of plastic that the NES controller can fit into and allow the user to use the controller on a table or floor without having to hold the controller. The Konami Laser Scope was just a zapper but on the players head and was voice command so whenever the player says fire the device will shoot(even the any word will make it fire). it also player all in game music into the players ears, like a headset. Finally, R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) that is compatible with two games which are Gyromite and Stack-Up that have been comprised as the Robot Series. To play Gyromite it game uses the sensors in R.O.B.'s eyes that watches the TV and when the player presses start the screen flashes a different colour which then communicates with R.O.B. through the sensors in his eyes. The player must first equip R.O.B. with the right accessories to make him able to play the game, he needs a adaptive device, two gyros and a spinner to spin the gyros, and his claw hands. depending if the gate in the game needs opening or closing R.O.B. will place the gyro and the corresponding plate which press a button on the controller. The second game is Stack-Up which uses five different coloured blocks, and two claws worn by R.O.B. for grabbing the blocks. The player tells R.O.B. where to move to stock the coloured black in the right way. Key titles are Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Mega Man 2.

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18 Okt 1985 Jahr
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