June 15, 2024

19 St. 38 Min, 3 März 1968 Jahr - 1968 Establishment of the Third World Liberation Front at San Francisco State


The establishment of this organization demonstrated the important role students played in the Asian American movement as well as the importance of collaboration between groups of different ethnicities. The Third World Liberation Front was an effort to establish ethnic studies programs at institutions of higher learning, and one of the ethnic studies programs heavily advocated for was an Asian American Studies program. Although collaborations between different races were rare at the time, The Third World Liberation Front demonstrated the shift towards uniting the Third World and the growing oppositional consciousness that was emerging during the late 1960s. One of the significant outcomes of the Asian American movement resulted from the efforts of the Third World Liberation Front as the establishment of Asian American Studies Programs paved the way for institutions of higher learning across the country to adopt other ethnic studies programs. By empowering students, the Third World Liberation Front played a key role in bringing the Asian American movement into institutions of higher learning which were transformed into prominent centers for activism, and Asian Americans students organized to establish other forms of Third World liberation. For instance, UCLA launched Gidra: the Monthly of the Asian American Experience, a publication expressing alternative news and opinions which became well known throughout the Asian American community. Publications like Gidra not only provided new avenues to communicate oppositions for the Asian American community but they also documented the Asian American movement and created a form of representational belonging that rarely existed at the time.

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19 St. 38 Min, 3 März 1968 Jahr
~ 56 years ago