25 Apr 1932 Jahr - Social Impact of Stalin’s Rule


1. State control of society
Major social goods such as housing, education and health services were determined and distributed by the state.

Fall in standard of living:
• Industrialisation led to more people moving to the cities
• Worsened the problem of the lack of housing
• As people were not allowed to buy or build houses or apartments, many had to live in poor living conditions with poor sanitation.

• Ambitious targets set by the Five-Year Plans meant that grain and produce were collected at the expense of the farmers.
• Farms were owned by the state and the farmers could not keep the crops for themselves.
• During the Great Famine in 1932, the State did not distribute the stockpiled grain but exported them instead.
• As a result, close to seven million peasants died of starvation.

Lack of consumer goods:
• First two Five-Year Plans focused on agricultural and industrial targets but neglected production of consumer goods.
• Although the third Five-Year Plan promised the production of consumer goods, these promises were not kept.

Fall in standard of living, famine and lack of consumer goods meant that citizens suffered under Stalin’s rule

2. Living in fear
• Secret police had informers everywhere
• Slightest indication of anti-Stalin sentiments would warrant an arrest.
• Constantly watched and judged by Stalin’s officials.
• If judged poorly, it would become difficult for them to apply for housing, jobs

Citizens oppressed→ Suffered mentally

3. Impact of policies on various social groups
• Minority nationalities
• The various minority nationalities in the USSR lost their autonomy.
• Stalin believed that modernisation and industrialisation were more important than cultural traditions.
• Many members of nationalist groups which advocated autonomy were targeted in the Great Terror.

Millions of Ukrainians who died during the Great Famine of 1932-1933

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25 Apr 1932 Jahr
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